Joe Switzer

Video Made Simple!

Photographers keep turning it down.  How many times have you been asked if you could video for your clients?   You either ignore it or send the business to someone else who gets to make a whole lot of money. 
The problem is most of you never learned the correct way to get started as a filmmaker or it became overwhelming when you tried it that one time.  Put your guard down, you have Joe on your side.  Attend this class and ride into the Vegas sunset with the 3 key ways to successfully grow your photo/filmmaking business and see how Joe actually uses his camera with his live demo on stage.  In 2016 the Switzer brand cleared over $1 million in revenue with accelerated growth.
You can be a tremendous success by learning the Switzerfilm simplistic approach.


Switzerfilm is a group of lovable weirdos who work with the best people on the planet to create beautiful and inspiring videos and photo, while squeezing the most fun out of each moment.

Joe has been directing and shooting for more than 12 years. In his career, Joe has worked on a wide variety of projects that have given him the skills to get the perfect shot, efficiently.

Joe has worked on projects for Disney, Miller-Coors, Big Ten Network, Milwaukee Brewers, AB-InBev, and 84 Lumber.

Joe has a passion for filmmaking. Every project gets the same level of enthusiasm and attention to detail. Joe inspires the crew around him to try new techniques and compositions. This provides unexpected shots that take a project from good to great.

In addition to the countless commercial projects Joe works on he finds time to teach other filmmakers what he has learned. As a sought out speaker and teacher Joe regularly travels around the country.