" Wanted to send out a huge thank you to Sandy Puc Tours! All the speakers were great and as always, left inspired and ready to run with new ideas. I attended the Madison seminar earlier this week...had a blast and I'm totally pumped about the new techniques we were able to experiment with...exciting things to come!"
 - Ashley Schmit of Debbie Daanen Photography, Appleton WI


"If you can this is a workshop you should attend. The depth of knowledge that you have access to in these 7 hours is outstanding."

- Matthew

"Sandy, I had such a great day learning from you and the awesome team you have with you on tour! The day went so fast, I am sitting here wishing I could rewind and do it all over again, because it was so enjoyable. Thank you for going on tour and sharing what you know, all of you! I cherish the time I had with you and everything that I learned!  Your love for what you do and the joy you had in sharing it with me and all of us here in Omaha today will always be remembered! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

- Lifehouse Photography

"I had so much fun at the show in Omaha today. You picked a great bunch to mentor and I learned so much. You were  really helpful with questions, explaining everything and were entertaining.  I just wish the next workshop is longer ;) Thanks again, Sandy and Crew!"

- Melanie Wake

"Absolutely fantastic day at the  Workshop. Learned so much.  This is a workshop you should not miss." 

- Matthew Kunce

"Thanks for bringing the show to Des Moines, Sandy! It was a hit just like all your shows!  SO much to pack in one day!  Thanks so much for helping us be better photographers!!!"

- Sarah Turnbull

"Sandy Puc's tour was fantastic. Gained lots of new ideas and techniques. Well worth attending! Amazing speaker!"

- Karen Hobbs

"All I can real say is those individuals who were unable to make this event,don't really understand what they missed. The show was educational, informative, practical and the Presenters were fantastic. They all made the complicated,simple, took the time to make sure you not only understood the concepts ,but could implement your understanding of such in your on work, made the sessions fun, and even though they are among the tops in the field, they were actually just down to earth people. Well done!"

- Howard Hinton Jr.

"Loved the presentation last night. Worth every penny. Thanks for a great evening Sandy! Good luck on the tour and enjoy some down time with your family."

- Bryndi MaRae Schult

"The show last night was amazing! I especially enjoyed the live shoots. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!"

- Katie Van Buren

"Hugely Inspiring!! I can't say it enough - Sandy you light a fire under me EVERY time I get to see you speak. What a pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and soul. What a great class - I'm ready to take "my world" by storm. Watch out here I come! Thanks Sandy!!"

- Brianna Selvidge McBride

"What an amazing time! I'm so grateful that I got to see you in person and I will DEFINITELY be recommending your tour to all my friends!!"

- Jessica Adams McAllister

"What an amazing show! Sandy you are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous wisdom and experience. I'll see you at the next show for sure!"

- Jennifer La Rue Roth