Kevin Kubota

He wrote the book on location lighting, but wouldn’t you just love it if Kevin Kubota could just show you, first hand, what his absolute favorite and most useful lighting tricks are?  If you are intimidated by challenging lighting situations, or you don’t feel absolutely confident with your speedlight system, you’re not alone. There are essential lighting techniques and tricks that will give you confidence, and options, in EVERY photographic situation you encounter. With a small bag of basic gear, and these core techniques in your noggin, you’ll amaze yourself, and your clients, with what you can do.

All you need is one small bag of gear.

By registering for Kevin's session in Portland, you’ll discover:

  • Beautiful natural light portraits that come alive, even under mediocre conditions.
  • Only one speedlight? No problem! Create a beautiful portrait!
  • Two speedlights? Wow! Studio quality lighting can be done ANYWHERE.
  • Advanced speedlight tricks for drama and altering reality
  • The most useful speedlight modifiers currently on the market

So, you’ll find yourself excited about lighting and all the new-found possibilities at your fingertips, but there is always a bigger burning question: When do we eat?  Kevin will not be addressing that question directly, but he will share some of the most profound things he’s discovered after 25 years as a professional photographer. These are the things that keep him excited about life, work, creativity, and client relationships. It keeps him excited to get up each morning and charge out the door...after eating breakfast, of course.

Your long-term creative success, growth, and prosperity can only be fueled so far by great lighting and posing. After that, you need to dig deeper, and Kevin will share some very personal and poignant stories, and the revelations that have kept him on the path of success.


American Photo Magazine named Kevin Kubota one of the "Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World". His photos have been featured on the covers and within the pages of countless popular magazines and photography books. Kevin has been a featured presenter for Nikon and Adobe, and his work with the Nikon digital camera earned him a spot as a Nikon "Legend Behind the Lens".

Kubota is an internationally recognized speaker, having presented for every major photographic convention in the USA. He created the popular "Digital Photography Bootcamp®" workshop which has been running successfully since 2002. He authored the book under the same name, now in it's second edition, published by Amherst Media. Kevin shares over 2 decades of commercial and portrait lighting experience in his latest book, The Lighting Notebook, published by Wiley. The companion iApp, is available in the iTunes store.

Kubota Image Tools products have won multiple Hot One Awards as well as the Readers Choice Award. Kevin was personally awarded the 2009 Monte Zucker Memorial Humanitarian Award for social service through photography.

You will find samples of Kevin Kubota's work below.  For more information on Kevin, visit Kubota PhotoDesign at, and for details on the imaging tools he uses, visit:

Kevin Kubota's published works include the award-winning, Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers, published by Wiley, and Digital Photography Boot Camp: A Step-by-Step Guide for Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers, Second Edition, published by Amherst Media.

Kevin’s software product portfolio includes workflow training products and award-winning image enhancing tools for Lightroom® and Photoshop®. Kubota’s innovative

DASHBOARD(TM) Photoshop plugin has become the de facto standard for serious photographers worldwide.  Kevin was awarded the Monte Zucker Humanitarian Award, presented to photographers who are significantly involved in their community and various charitable endeavors.  Specifically cited for this award was Kevin’s creation of Bend, Oregon’s Family Phot Day in the Park in 2000. This annual event serves hundreds of disadvantaged local families via social service agencies. He has also helped other photographers launch the same type of event in their communities.

Kevin has been featured in American Photo magazine as one of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World”. He is listed as a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, and for 2013 he is recognized as one of the Most Influential People by Shutter Magazine.

More information on Kevin Kubota and his companies can be found online at: