Richard Sturdevant

Crushing the Box!

Hyper-Realistic Fine Art and Composites Legends Tour
Join Richard Sturdevant for a hands on trip into the artistic soul.
Creating an exceptional fine art composite consists of many things, but the two that separate good from great are conception and finish. Conception and the ability to dream up a visual idea or to tell visual story that is original and unique to your vision is priceless. Equally important is the ability to bring it all together is such away that it is beautiful and meaningful to the viewer. The finish of the art should keep the viewer engaged in the content and not the technique. Everything in between this journey is trained execution.
In this program I will share like never before on this process, known for my style, concepts and the way I finish up an image. I will share how to create concepts that reflect who you are and how to execute them and most of all finish them in such a beautiful way. I’m good at what I do and you will leave this workshop better for it.
Content will cover:
  • Conception
  • Resource gathering
  • Light creation and lighting to fit the scene
  • Using the right angle of view
  • Extraction
  • Composition
  • Color theory and Harmony
  • Illustration techniques that can be used on any image
  • Plug-in techniques
  • PS Painting techniques
  • Proven finishing techniques and presentation
  • Corel Painting Techniques
You can find samples of Richard's photography and artwork below, or visit his websites:
  • To learn about his art tools for purchase and teaching information, visit:


Richard's fluid combination of photography with fine art skills stems from his original artistic roots and his portraits certainly reflect that. Trained in all types of media, Richard is one of our members that utilize digital painting in combination with his photography in order to create his fine art portrait style.
This work has earned him high praise within the photographic community.
Richard is a member of WPPI, PPA and ASP. He holds the titles of WPPI Master, PPA Photographic Master, PPA Master Artist, and PPA Photographic Craftsman. He is the recipient of the following top awards:
  • 2 Time PPA Grand Imaging Awards Over all winner
  • 11 Time PPA Diamond Award Winner
  • 4 Time Double Diamond Award Winner
  • 4 Canon Par Excellence Awards
  • 16 Fuji Masterpiece Awards
  • 15 Kodak Gallery Awards
  • Kodak Grand award WPPI
  • 3 Time PPA Imaging Excellence Award
  • Multiple first, second place Awards in WPPI 16x20 competition
With over 20 years experience as a creative artist, Richard brings a unique eye to the world of photographic education. Sharing knowledge and experience with others in the industry is something he enjoys. As part of his commitment to helping others learn and succeed, he has launched his own brand of educational materials to photographers, graphic artist, designers and artist nationwide. As an artist, educator and international judge, Richard has dedicated his photographic knowledge to both his clients and his fellow photographers.