Zach is honored to speak on the 2017 Legends of Photography tour in New Orleans, Louisiana.

His session will include the following:

"3 Simple Steps to Off-Camera Flash" (live Shooting demo!) 

No wedding or portrait shoot seems to have perfect lighting all the time, but what if YOU could control the lighting ANYtime you wanted? 

Zach has taught thousands of photographers his simple and powerful system for using off-camera flash. As a HUGE added bonus, you will learn the 3 simple steps that you can take to capture stunning images in any lighting, at any time in just seconds that will amaze your clients and give you total confidence at every shoot.

Your images will have magazine quality using these incredible techniques! 

"Today We Are Rich

The ability to make more money in your business starts as a belief of the mind, not the reality of your current bank statement. When you change WHO you choose to listen to, you can change the way you think and therefore change the outcome of your future. 

If you feel like building your business has been an uphill climb, or you just feel totally STUCK right now, then come and get the practical tools and mental energy you need to start winning today.

Learn how to get un-stuck, get your marketing moving in the right direction, make more money and get MORE clients that value your work! 


BONUS Teaching: "Sales is NOT a Dirty Word!" 

According to business guru Dave Ramsey, “Sales is a beautiful relationship between the buyer and seller.”  Learn how to easily sell to your clients not through manipulation or sleazy tactics, but by creating true value and giving your clients opportunities to buy.  

Zach Gray has taught thousands of photographers his simple sales methods that can give you 50% more revenue each year that you didn't know was there!

You will learn: 

  • Lighting Styles that flatter every client 
  • Lighting Ratios to define YOUR style 
  • Different Modifiers and when and why you should use them 
  • Zach's simple yet effective lighting SYSTEM to get great results every time


Zach Gray grew up with no education, in a low-income home with no father. He went from believing he was destined to sell ties for $7.50 an hour, to making 6 figures in his photography business.

He now helps thousands of other to do the same with his simple and practical tools for success. His story of changing his outcome and his life will inspire you to believe in yourself and in your business and you will walk away not only inspired, but equipped to make the necessary changes your business needs right now.

Below are some of Zach's signature images. You can find more of Zach and Jody Gray's work on their website at


"Other workflow systems make you create your own workflow and then put it into their complicated system… ShootFlow gives you the workflow.